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Beats, Beer and Comic Books: Rapper Moe Hendrix Announces New Comic Book Release party at Oconnor Brewery, Teases New Music

Moe Hendrix is a man with a mission and a whole lot of hustle.

On a recent phone interview from inside a casino in Denver, the veteran MC from Norfolk, VA reveals details on the new comic book he stars in, how he manages pulling triple duty in two different crews — as well as being a solo artist–  and what it takes to make it as a self-determined independent Hip Hop artist in a new era.

In a time when most young people are distracted by everything social media, Moe Hendrix has kept his eyes firmly planted on the bigger picture.

To him it’s all about being consistent and staying true to his roots. He says some of his biggest influences early on include Redman, MF Doom, and Planet Asia, as well as his own experiences traveling throughout the country. Coming up rapping with his homies and holding his own in the underground battle rap scenes have given him a firm foundation and kept him grounded in the true essence of Hip Hop culture.

But at the same time, he’s also able to see new opportunities and embrace the changes it takes to complete his masterpiece portrait.

This was part of the driving force that led Moe to pick up his weapon of choice– the pen— and start writing comic book stories in addition to his usually dark but witty rap verses .

In one sense, Our Wacky Real World is not so much a departure from the former Norfolk resident’s rap pedigree.

No . It’s really an inverted view inside the deeper world of Moe Hendrix and his friends. Imagine looking inside the peephole from outside the door.

With his new comic book series debuting this month, Moe is seeking to add a different filter to the types of twisted, gritty but funny tales he often presents in his song verses .

The dark drug references, pain, anger, shoutouts to local hoods and homies— they all appear in the pages of OWRW.
Moe is no stranger to collaborations with other artists from various genres. Since his days sparring with his lyrical twin Cuda Brown or his presence in legendary super group Fugitive 9, Moe has not only understood the value of team work, but also what it takes to stand out in a room full of greatness. (Insert live stage video clip)
So it seemed like a natural extension when Moe reached out to graphic artist Will Whitaker and graffiti artist King PH-1, his co conspirators on Our Wacky Real World. He says the concept of the comic is a reflection of what his day to day life is like.

“It’s kinda like taking everyday scenarios and just turning them up to 100,000,” he says.

He goes on to describe in more detail one of his consistent rituals — the “wake n bake”:
“(Waking up in the morning), I’m like g*ddamn, where the weed at! Where’s the trees at an’ sh*t! Basically the whole first issue is (about) trying to find some weed and sh*t.”
For Moe, collaborating with two amazing visual artists on Our Wacky Real World is a breath of fresh air.
He says “It’s beautiful. It gives me a chance to get out of the serious Moe Hendrix side for a minute and be goofy; be a kid again.”

To celebrate the release of OWRW, Moe is hosting Our Wacky Real Show — an all-day event at O’Connor brewery, Sunday August 20th from 12-7pm. You can expect a killer set of classic true school hip hop. And while Moe is headlining, he is also bringing some friends. So expect surprises.

The day will feature sets from Moe Hendrix, and guests BIGSHOTT, ZABUR, TRE P, PLANET ZORON, QUAMIN, FAN RAN, and more.
There will also be live art showcases from Moe’s comic book partners, Will Whitaker and PH-1, along with Tori Cole and India Downy.

Check for the full Moe Hendrix interview coming soon!

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